Aigul Baikenova

Alicante, Spain

+34 688 79 10 62
Claudia Roth, Founder of Soul Luxury



Orden.Inteligente is a professional organizing company dedicated to helping clients achieve an organized and harmonious living environment. With a range of services available both online and offline, Aigul Baikenova, the founder, offers flexible solutions tailored to meet individual needs.

For clients seeking virtual assistance, Orden.Inteligente provides online consultations and guidance, empowering clients to tackle the organizing process themselves. Aigul offers personalized recommendations, practical strategies, and expert advice to help clients create an organized space that suits their lifestyle.

In addition, for clients who prefer hands-on support, Aigul offers in-person visits where she assesses the home and provides personalized recommendations specific to the client’s needs. Through thoughtful guidance and practical implementation, Aigul helps clients transform their living spaces into functional and clutter-free environments.

To ensure long-lasting organization, Orden.Inteligente also offers maintenance plans to support clients in maintaining their organized spaces over time. These plans provide ongoing support, check-ins, and additional guidance to help clients sustain the benefits of an organized home.

Whether you choose the online or offline approach, Orden.Inteligente is committed to empowering clients and guiding them towards a more organized and balanced lifestyle. Let Aigul and her expertise help you create a space that brings peace, efficiency, and serenity to your everyday life.

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