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Welcome to Mercado Central de Valencia: A Historic Landmark

The Mercado Central occupies a space that has been a hub for street markets since the city’s early expansion. In 1839, the New Market, a covered market, was inaugurated in this location, laying the foundation for the present-day Mercado Central. By the late 19th century, it became clear that this market was insufficient to meet Valencia’s growing needs. As a result, the Valencia City Council organized two competitions to construct a new market.

Construction of the Market
In 1910, a new competition was held, and the project by architects Alejandro Soler March and Francisco Guardia Vial was chosen among six proposals. Both architects had received their education at the School of Architecture in Barcelona and had previously worked with the renowned architect Luis Doménech Montaner, known for his distinctive Modernist style. At the request of the municipal corporation, Alejandro Soler March and Francisco Guardia Vial made modifications to the original design, and construction of the market began based on the project dated November 1914. The final touches were completed in 1928 by architects Enrique Viedma and Ángel Romaní.

Architecture of the Market
The Mercado Central boasts an undeniable spectacular architecture. It is one of the most attractive and visited buildings in Valencia. Its design seamlessly integrates with the aesthetics of the square, blending perfectly with two other significant monuments: the Silk Exchange (Lonja de la Seda) and the Church of Saints John. Undoubtedly, it stands as the most iconic building of early 20th-century Valencia, symbolizing the city’s progress in technology, commerce, and its pride in the agricultural potential of the surrounding region. The market’s modernist structure and allegorical ornamentation can be observed within its interior.

The iron, glass, and ceramic domes, with the central dome reaching a height of 30 meters, along with the weathervanes adorning them (such as the parrot and fish), become part of a panoramic view dominated by Valencian towers and bell towers.

Experience the Market
Upon entering the Mercado Central, visitors are captivated by its grandeur and charm. The interior layout follows a rationalist design, with stalls arranged along straight streets intersected by two wide avenues. The market was conceived to accommodate 959 stalls, offering a wide range of products. From high-enclosed shops for butchers, pork shops, grocery stores, and trinkets, to low-lying stalls selling potatoes, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and poultry. The fish market includes high-enclosed stalls for selling salted fish and offal, as well as low-lying stalls for fresh seafood.

Celebrating a Century
It has been a century since the laying of the first stone and ninety years since the market opened its doors to the public. Today, it is rightfully known as “The Cathedral of the Senses.” There is no better expression to capture the essence of Mercado Central. It is a sacred temple where experts in fresh products impart their wisdom and nourishment. The magical light that pours in through the dome and stained glass windows, the perpetual whispers that caress your ears, the explosion of colors and aromas, and the taste of classic and timeless flavors mixed with surprising new ones. It is an authentic gastronomic theme park.

Beyond being a municipal market, it plays a crucial role in uniting the city and its neighborhoods. Through its commercial activity, it naturally fosters cohesion and social interaction, transcending cultural and generational boundaries more spontaneously and efficiently than any other initiative. In the market, it’s not just about buying and selling; it’s about savoring, conversing about everything, and experiencing our history and identity.

As a living entity, the market has continuously reinvented itself to reach this milestone anniversary with excellent vitality. Embracing the opportunities presented by information and communication technologies (in which we have always been pioneers), we now offer online sales, European-wide deliveries, free lockers, and more, all while expanding the range of services and experiences within the market. This includes incorporating elements of culture, music, art, literature, and, of course, an abundance of culinary delights.

To mark the centenary, Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain, Don Felipe de Borbón and Doña Letizia, who hold the honorary presidency of the Centenary of Mercado Central, visited the market on November 24, 2016. During their visit, they greeted the vendors who tirelessly work to make this the largest active market in Europe and left their mark in the Golden Book of Mercado Central.

Certainly, the cohesion of all those involved, collectively envisioning a shared future, is the key to ensuring another 100 successful years for the Mercado Central.