Marinetta Mia


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Tues – Sun 1:30PM to 4:00PM and 8:30PM to 11PM


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Where Italy Meets Spain through Gastronomy

Spanning just over a thousand kilometers, the connection between Italy and Spain is deeper than geography. Centuries of history and our shared Mediterranean backdrop create a bond that transcends language. This similarity extends to the culinary realm as well. At Marinetta Mia, we embody this fusion of cultures, offering an Italian culinary experience in the heart of Valencia.

Founded in 2010, Marinetta Mia has remained dedicated to the essence of classic Italian recipes. Our commitment extends beyond taste – we prioritize the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced from an extensive network of Italian and Spanish producers. Our focus isn’t solely on flavor; it’s also on ensuring that our dishes are natural and wholesome, reflecting the health-conscious preferences of today’s diners.

The Heart of Our Craft: Sourdough

In 2012, within the walls of our restaurant, our natural yeast came to life through spontaneous fermentation. Nurtured daily, we’ve witnessed its transformation, a testament to its resilience and strength. However, balance is the key to achieving optimal results. It demands attention, observation, and meticulous hygiene. With its growing complexity and character, we employ this sourdough to ferment our pizzas and focaccias.

Among all our creations at Marinetta Mia, our most profound dedication resides within our pizza, focaccia, and crunch doughs. Countless hours of labor and study have shaped them. For us, dough is more than a texture; it’s an embodiment of flavor, digestibility, and nutrition. The selection of our flour is paramount – a semi-wholemeal variant made from durum wheat. Milled with natural stone millstones, it preserves the cereal’s germ and bran, retaining its innate mineral, vitamin, and nutrient content. Through extended natural sourdough fermentation, we enhance its taste and render it lighter and easier on digestion.

Discovering Our Pizza

The cornerstone of our offerings, our pizza exudes thinness, crispness, and a distinctive rectangular shape. Our inspiration hails from the Roman tradition, with each pizza graced by a layer of tomato and fiordilatte mozzarella, topped with oregano. If you wish to omit any of these elements, simply inform us. Our menu features nineteen unique combinations, yet customization is always at your fingertips.

Marinetta Mia isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of shared culture and culinary excellence. Join us to experience the vibrant fusion of Italian and Spanish traditions on every plate.