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Marine Vanhagendoren

Madrid, Spain

+34 689 15 86 11
Marine Vanhagendoren with Madrid Expat Services



Introducing Marine Vanhagendoren – Your Reliable Partner for Madrid Expat Services

Meet Marine, a dynamic and open-minded professional with a background in nursing and real estate. Having grown up in Paris and the South of France, Marine and her family relocated to Madrid, where she has immersed herself in the local community. With a natural empathy, proactive nature, and excellent organizational skills, Marine is a mother of four who is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and pleasant transition for those moving to Madrid.

Marine’s in-depth knowledge of Madrid and its surrounding areas, along with her extensive network of professional and personal contacts, enables her to truly understand and cater to your specific needs. As an expatriate herself, Marine is well-acquainted with the challenges of settling abroad and will alleviate the stress of navigating various administrative procedures, drawing from her own experiences and connections in Madrid.

Fluent in French, English, and Spanish, Marine will be your perfect consultant and representative throughout every stage of your relocation journey. Her passion for reading and her ability to communicate effectively make her an invaluable resource during the entire process of settling into your new life in Madrid.