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Welcome to Globexs – your ultimate companion for expats, companies, and digital nomads embarking on exciting adventures abroad! We’re not your average relocation company – we’re here to make your international journey fun, comfortable, and hassle-free.

The story of Globexs began in 2002 when Lodewijk Cuypers, our fearless founder, set out to assist expats with a wide range of services, making their stay abroad as cozy as a snuggly blanket. Back then, our focus was on language and translation services. But in 2009, we expanded our horizons and started offering fabulous accommodation options for expats in the vibrant city of Antwerp.

Fast forward to 2010, when Tiscar Navarro joined our team and we happily opened our Valencia office. We quickly spread our wings to manage beautiful apartments in Valencia, and soon enough, Madrid, Asturias, Barcelona, and Alicante were added to our list of fantastic destinations. As the demand grew, we didn’t stop there – we ventured into Brussels, Ghent, Lisbon, Bordeaux, Paris, Bilbao, and beyond! Globexs was on a mission to become an international relocation powerhouse, all while keeping a laser focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

In 2015, we went above and beyond by introducing an extra service for expats and apartment owners: our very own specialized webshop. The Globexs webshop became a treasure trove for expats, offering a selection of essential items that you either forgot to pack or were just too heavy to carry. And for apartment owners, we made their lives easier by providing everything they need to prepare their rentals, from fresh bed linens, cozy pillows, and fluffy duvets to soft towels, amenities, and more.

Then, in 2017, we unveiled our other fabulous brands: Blue Key Investments and Nestor. Blue Key Investments was born to cater to the growing demand for property investments in Valencia, offering specialized solutions such as project management, property finding, and legal assistance for our beloved Globexs customers. Meanwhile, Nestor emerged as the go-to brand for property management, serving apartment owners in Valencia with dedication and finesse. Whether it’s managing rentals for expats or handling Airbnb properties, Nestor ensures that every aspect is taken care of, allowing apartment owners to sit back, relax, and watch their investments thrive. With Blue Key, Globexs, and Nestor, we’ve truly closed the circle, offering a comprehensive 1-stop solution for all your needs in the vibrant city of Valencia.

So why do we do what we do? Because we’re passionate about global mobility! We believe that everyone should have a taste of the expat life, the remote working lifestyle, or the thrill of being a digital nomad. Global mobility brings people together, and we wholeheartedly believe that embracing it is the key to making our world a better place.

But enough about us – let’s talk about you! Our services are designed to make your life easy-peasy when you decide to embark on an international adventure. From top-notch housing options to robust business infrastructure, from comprehensive relocation services to reliable legal assistance, we’ve got your back every step of the way. Our dedicated team is committed to making you feel welcome and comfortable in your new home, delivering trust and confidence to you every single day.

So get ready to spread your wings, explore new horizons, and let Globexs be your trusted partner in making your expat dreams a reality. We’re here to turn your global mobility journey into a joyful and unforgettable experience. Let’s embark on this incredible adventure together!