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A Fusion of Culinary Adventures in Madrid

Meet the passionate duo behind Chispa Bistró: Juan and Gabriel. Hailing from Argentina and Brazil, their journey through various global kitchens has now landed them in Madrid—the city where every soul, including chefs, finds a sense of belonging.

The Culinary Fusion

Drawing from their diverse culinary experiences, Juan and Gabriel have curated a menu at Chispa Bistró that reflects their love for gastronomy. The essence of oriental and Mediterranean flavors forms the foundation of their offerings, resulting in a vibrant fusion that delights the senses. Their dishes are carefully designed for sharing, allowing the communal pleasure of savoring delectable cuisine.

The Chispa Bistró Experience

Chispa Bistró embodies Juan and Gabriel’s vision of a perfect dining establishment—a place where haute cuisine meets the inviting atmosphere of a bistró. Here, guests are invited not just to dine, but to revel in the joy of excellent food and great company. The menu offers nearly fifteen thoughtfully crafted dishes meant for sharing, allowing you to dictate your own unique dining journey at Chispa Bistró.

Philosophy and Recognition

Together with a dedicated team of eight individuals who share their passion, Juan and Gabriel infuse every aspect of Chispa Bistró with their love for gastronomy. Their philosophy revolves around the enjoyment of gastronomy from its preparation to the final delightful experience. This ethos is vividly expressed in every plate they serve.

Chispa Bistró has been lauded by the prestigious Michelin Guide. The industrial-chic locale, nestled in the vibrant Chueca neighborhood, houses an open kitchen where the craftsmanship of two skilled chefs is on display—Juan, with his Argentine origins, and Gabriel, from Brazil. The menu showcases contemporary and colorful creations, a testament to their ability to blend oriental culinary philosophies with Mediterranean ingredients and concepts.

We take immense pleasure in every aspect of gastronomy, from its meticulous preparation to the delightful experience it brings. This passion is what we seek to infuse into each dish we create.
– Juan D’Onofrio, Chef; Gabriel Sodré, Chef; Ismael Álvarez, Sommelier.

Discover the essence of our culinary journey. Our menu comprises nearly fifteen thoughtfully designed dishes meant for sharing, along with a curated selection of cheeses, allowing you to tailor your Chispa Bistró experience to your desires. In essence, the choice of how you want to relish your time at Chispa Bistró is entirely yours.


Photos ©Ron Siy