Camilla Quintana – Expat Empowerment Coach


Camilla Quintana

Bilbao, Spain



Camilla Quintana is a certified Life Coach specializing in empowering global women with an insatiable thirst for a more enriching life abroad. Born and raised in the multicultural hub of Vienna, Austria, Camilla embodies a trilingual prowess in German, English, and Spanish, reflecting her deep passion for diverse cultures.

With a background in International Relations, European Studies, and an MBA, Camilla transitioned from heading marketing for an international Congress Organizer to pursuing her calling as an Expat Coach in 2018. Her journey has been shaped by her dream to become a renowned singer, which despite initial setbacks, reinforced her belief in the intrinsic value of self-worth.

Camilla takes pride in guiding expat women through her transformative Success Clover Method, a four-phase approach that elevates their state of mind, crystallizes their vision, propels inspired action, and fosters self-trust and leadership. Affectionately known as the ‘Vision Muse,’ she is a steadfast supporter, holding the vision of her clients’ best selves as a guiding North Star.

As a mother of three boys, Camilla draws inspiration and learning from their youthful enthusiasm, recognizing the importance of nurturing tomorrow’s change makers. Her innate ability to uplift and inspire others, coupled with a dedication to fostering self-belief, makes her a beacon of encouragement for individuals seeking to fulfill their potential.

Camilla’s clients, invariably intriguing and compassionate expat women, are driven to create a purposeful and exciting life abroad. With Camilla in their corner, they embrace their true selves, guided by her unwavering belief in their immense value and potential. Through her coaching programs, she aspires to help them proudly embrace the incredible individuals they have become.

Join Camilla in this journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and embracing the world with open arms. Together, let’s navigate the path to your best self and an extraordinary life abroad.